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Having a whale of a time in Mossel Bay

Whale Season : July – November Yearly, Southern Right whales migrate from their icy feeding grounds off Antarctica to warmer climates, reaching South Africa in June. The country’s coastal waters teem with the giant animals, mating, calving and rearing their young – and giving whale-watchers breathtaking displays of elegant water[…]

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Why you should visit Mossel Bay in 2019

In the foothills of the Outeniqua Mountains, perfectly nestled on the edge of the Indian Ocean, lies Mossel Bay – the town for all reasons. With 60 kilometres of beaches, year-round beach-going weather, with more than 300 days of sunshine in every 365, Mossel Bay is the ideal destination for[…]

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Harry Giddy Park

A Hidden Gem of Mossel Bay The Harry Giddy Park is truly a hidden gem and less known, situated right in the center of Mossel Bay. There are numerous pathways to take from the main entrance, leading you between huge Milkwood trees, lush plants, waterfalls, and fountains. There are benches,[…]

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