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Harry Giddy Park

A Hidden Gem of Mossel Bay

The Harry Giddy Park is truly a hidden gem and less known, situated right in the center of Mossel Bay.
There are numerous pathways to take from the main entrance, leading you between huge Milkwood trees, lush plants, waterfalls, and fountains. There are benches, as well as tables and chairs for enjoying a picnic should you choose. The park was proclaimed on the Queen’s Golden Jubilee on 21 June 1887 and was named the “Victoria Park”. The historic gates at the Southern entrance were erected in 1903 to commemorate the Jubilee of the reign of Queen Victoria of Britain. The name of the park was changed to Harry Giddy Park in 1969 to honor the man, Harry Giddy, who took a great interest in the park from the 1930’s and paid for much of the features, stonework and paths as seen in the park today. Efforts are being made to regain the interest of the public by holding an Art & Craft Market there occasionally on Saturdays and during the December holidays.


A section of the park has been enclosed where they have different species of birds including Exotic birds, free roaming duck and geese, turkeys, tortoises, “Billy-goats” and peacocks showing off their beautiful colors during courtship to say the least.

Entry is absolutely FREE, yes! No charge! There is a donation box, should you wish to make a small contribution which goes towards the feeding of the animals. There is an enclosed play park for the children as well with on-site ablution facilities should the need arise. This park is a must visit and great for families to enjoy the tranquility.Do not forget to take your camera!!

Next time that you are staying at Villa Chanté and planning a day out with the kids, Get your free town map at reception and head to the Harry Giddy Park and see why Mossel Bay has more!



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